If you are planning to move to Beavercreek, Ohio it is important to know what different departments are part of the city. Beavercreek is a very friendly town and all of its departments will be available to serve you for whatever you may need. Some of the departments that are listed on the Beavercreek website include cemeteries, city council, Beavercreek media, city manager, finance, golf club, engineering, planning & zoning, parks – recreation & culture, police, senior center, public service, and human resources.

The Beavercreek media writes, publishes, and edits the city newsletter “In Touch”, which is a quarterly edition, and operates the Beavercreek Television. It also maintains the Beavercreek website. The parks – recreation & culture department is responsible for promoting health and wellness, preserving natural areas, and providing quality leisure opportunities. It also has the responsibility of increasing cultural awareness which will benefit the entire Beavercreek community.

The Golf Club Department has the responsibility of welcoming people to play at the beautiful Beavercreek Golf Club. This golf club is one of Ohio’s premiere golf courses and it is listed as a 4 1/2 star golf course by Golf Digest’s article on “Places to Play”. If you are retired and a senior then you will be happy to know that there is a Senior Center that provides a place to meet for seniors. The Senior Center has a variety of functions and yearly events that will make your senior years more enjoyable.

If you decide to build a new home or renovate an existing home then you will need to contact the Department of Planning & Zoning. This department will provide you with direction and assistance when it comes to the standards set by City Council. These standards have been put into place to maintain and build a safe and environmentally friendly community. The standards are enforced through the city’s development by-laws and regulations.

The City Council has been established from the city charter which provides Beavercreek with 6 Council Members and a Mayor. These 7 elected representatives have the responsibility of exercising legislative authority over all of the governing issues of Beavercreek. The City Council appoints a City Manager who is the Chief Executive Officer of the city.

The Department of Cemeteries maintains and manages the 7 cemeteries that are within the city limits. Four of the cemeteries are inactive and closed to any new burials whereas three are active and provide burial services and the burial lots.